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When they get cancer, celebrities and millionaires from some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in America head south of the border for forbidden medical treatments.

That’s right. These millionaires from places like Palm Springs, Pebble Beach, Beverly Hills, and Bel-Air choose natural treatments that are banned in America.

I can tell you the names of some of these celebrities, though I can’t name some others because of medical confidentiality.

Doctors pronounce Max Factor heir’s
“terminal” cancer case “CURED”

 You’ve heard of Max Factor. But you may not have heard that the heir to the Max Factor fortune cured his “terminal” cancer south of the border.

As a multi-millionaire, he could have afforded the Mayo Clinic or any other American hospital – or any hospital in the world for that matter.

This tycoon didn’t go south of the border to save money but to SAVE HIS LIFE.

Here’s what happened.

Cosmetic giant Max Factor’s son Donald came down with one of the deadliest, most aggressive forms of cancer: carcinoma of the lung that had already metastasized to his liver and spine.

At the time of the shocking diagnosis, Donald was 51 years old.  He said, “I was told I only had six months to live. But 17 years later I’m still alive and kicking!” He credits his astounding recovery to the forbidden cancer treatments he received in Mexico – treatments such as a cancer-killing plant extract that’s found in more than 1,200 foods – yet it’s banned in America when it comes to treating cancer.

Believe it or not, America’s leading cancer hospital, Sloan-Kettering, tried to suppress proof that this natural substance kills cancer cells. And it fired the employee who blew the whistle on Sloan-Kettering’s conspiracy to hide the truth. I’ll tell you more about that later.

Most amazingly, Donald’s doctors pronounced him “cured” – not just “in remission.”

Donald says, “I went back regularly for check-ups, and after about three years of being in remission the doctors said I was cured. I said, ‘I thought in the cancer business you were never cured.’ And they said, ‘Well, it’s silly to keep writing down “Remission” year after year. We’ll see you whenever you want to come back.’ And that was that...”

The hospital he was treated at is doing an ongoing study. So far, the results show that its treatments for breast cancer and ovarian cancer are three times more effective than conventional American treatments. For lung cancer its treatments are ten times more effective than conventional treatments.

Legendary family of MDs has been curing cancer
for three generations

The healing secrets of this hospital belong to a legendary family of MDs, and they’ve passed the knowledge on from father to son for three generations.   In my opinion, they’re among the world’s most distinguished physicians.  But you’ll never hear about them – or their banned treatments – from American cancer “experts.”

In a moment I’ll tell you more about their amazing hospital and the treatments they used to cure Donald Factor’s “hopeless” case of cancer. But first let me tell you about more celebrities who seek treatment south of the border.

Royal family hires a Mexican superstar cancer doctor

 When I tried to meet with one of Mexico’s top cancer doctors early in 2010, I discovered he was out of the country on a foreign assignment.

The royal family of Cambodia urgently needed a cancer doctor. Naturally they wanted the best cancer doctor in the world. Money is no object for royalty.

In February of 2010, the royal family flew in a superstar doctor from Mexico – Dr. Antonio – to treat the royal patient in Cambodia. While he was away, Dr. Antonio left another brilliant doctor in charge of his clinic.

Dr. Antonio used laetrile and other natural therapies to help his royal patient get rid of the cancer without any harsh side effects or disfiguring surgery. And then he flew back to his oceanside clinic in a tranquil, beautiful part of Mexico.

Dr. Antonio is one of about a dozen Mexican cancer doctors who have “rock star” status with their patients. Back at his home clinic in a safe, secure neighborhood, Dr. Antonio helps sports stars and other celebrities, ordinary Americans, and patients from all over the world get rid of their cancer. His clinic is especially popular with Amish farmers from Wisconsin.

As an added bonus for Americans: health insurance often pays for most of the cost. And financing is available for uninsured Americans.

Dr. Antonio succeeded where Britain’s top doctors failed!

 Dr. Antonio caused a sensation in the British tabloids in 2009 when he saved a little boy’s life.

Here’s what happened. The Queen’s finest physicians were unable to save a four-year-old boy who had stage four neuroblastoma cancer.  Stage four is virtually hopeless.  He had 11 nasty tumors all over his body, and they were growing. His doctors were stumped.

Surgery was out of the question because the tumors were too close to vital organs. So in 2007, the British doctors gave the boy a death sentence. They told his parents, “There’s nothing more we can do. Take him home.”

As you can imagine, his parents were devastated. No one should ever have to lose a four-year-old child. 

Miraculously, the parents heard about Dr. Antonio’s clinic and, though they were skeptical, they had to take a chance if it meant they might be able to save their son’s life.  So they flew their son to Mexico for a consultation with Dr. Antonio.

This gifted doctor gave the little boy treatments that wipe out cancer cells by the millions without causing any side effects whatsoever: no nausea, no hair loss, no discomfort.

Like Mexico’s other superstar cancer doctors, Dr. Antonio killed the boy’s tumors with a combination of natural therapies, including:

  • Hyperthermia: a gentle therapy that gives the patient an artificial fever to “bake” the cancer cells to death. Cancer cells “can’t take the heat,” but normal cells can.

  • Oxygen therapy: Cancer cells die by the millions when they get a blast of oxygen.

  • Laetrile and vitamin C by IV: These non-toxic therapies kill cancer cells and also quench free radicals.

  • A strictly organic diet to give the body the nutrition it needs

  • Detoxification therapies to get rid of the poisons that can cause cancer

These treatments are considered outside the mainstream in England. And some of the treatments are illegal – just as they are in the United States. But doctors in Mexico have the health care freedom to use these treatments.

When the boy returned to England in 2009, scans showed that the tumors were dead and disintegrating. The British tabloids went wild. And you can only imagine the joy his family experienced.

But sadly, nothing changed in Britain, and thousands still die unnecessarily because they can’t get the treatments that are so readily available in Mexico.

You’ll find the address, phone number, e-mail address, and website for Dr. Antonio’s clinic – and 19 other Mexican cancer clinics -- in my new Special Report Adios, Cancer!

You’ll also get the information about the remarkable hospital that cured the Max Factor tycoon – the hospital run by a family of  medical doctors  who have been curing cancer for three generations. Is their success rate 100 percent? No. Of course not. No hospital in the world can claim a 100 percent success rate.

But it bears repeating that their treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer is three times more effective than conventional American treatments. And their approach is ten times more effective for lung cancer. Without side effects! No hair loss. No nausea. No vomiting.

Simply click here and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with details about 19 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden and hard-to-find non-toxic cancer treatments like DMSO, hyperthermia, oxygen therapy, and of course the plant extract that occurs naturally in more than 1,200 foods (you can buy many of them at your supermarket – and, yes, people do successfully treat their own cancer by eating foods that are rich in this substance).

In a moment I’ll tell you more stories about celebrities who went to Mexico to get rid of their cancer. But first let me briefly tell you who I am.

My mom needlessly died a painful death from cancer

If one of your loved ones is struggling with cancer right now, I know exactly how you feel. I’m Frank Cousineau. I promote health alternatives because my mom died an early and painful death from cancer.

That tragedy was a turning point in my life. It inspired me to investigate treatment alternatives that could save others from going through the drastic surgery and poisonous chemo my mom went through.

When my mom got uterine cancer in 1956, the doctors recommended a pan-hysterectomy. In other words, they wanted to cut out her uterus and both of her ovaries. She underwent the operation, and the doctors pronounced it a success. But the cancer snuck back, reappearing as colon cancer.

Again the doctors recommended drastic surgery, so mom let them cut out a large portion of her colon. She was never the same after that. And then her colon cancer once again reared its ugly head.

This time the doctors recommended a harsh regimen of chemo that’s still in common use today. The chemo made her vomit and retch so violently that she never wanted to take another round of that chemo again. And she didn’t. She slid downhill and needlessly died an early and painful death.

Medical stubbornness is killing patients every day
in America
just as it killed my mom

You can find a better way.  Mexico’s top cancer doctors know how to get rid of cancer without disfiguring surgery, harsh radiation, and heavy doses of poisonous chemo. Yet American doctors stubbornly refuse to consider proven alternatives to these treatments!

By the time I found out about the alternative treatments that could have saved my mother’s life, it was too late. There’s no doubt in my mind that she could have lived another 30 years or more if she’d gone to Mexico when her cancer first appeared.

So I’ve spent over 30 years researching alternative cancer treatment options. I learned about the cancer breakthrough in Mexican clinics and hospitals, and I’m writing you this letter to tell you about it.

As a clinic tour guide I’ve led at least 75 bus tours of the state-of-the-art cancer clinics in Mexico. So many cancer patients who’ve taken my bus tour over the years have been successfully treated that I’ve lost count of them. And I’m writing you this letter to let you know that if you or a loved one have cancer, you can find hope and healing in Mexico.

The secret of movie stars, sports heroes, royalty, and other celebrities is starting to get out. And ordinary Americans are taking advantage of this secret:

You can get rid of your cancer south of the border without disfiguring surgery, without the misery of chemo, without heavy blasts of radiation, and without getting a six-figure medical bill. And you can do it in clinics that make you feel like you’re in a luxurious five-star resort, not a medical facility!

No wonder American millionaires and celebrities are going south of the border to get rid of their cancer.

Country singer almost loses his voice to throat cancer!

The country singer known as Jonathan faced the same dreadful dilemma. A decorated Vietnam veteran and purple heart recipient, Jonathan is known for his patriotic songs. In 2007 he got the worst news of his life: a diagnosis of throat cancer.

The conventional cancer doctors at Stanford Medical Center in California recommended surgery to remove the singer’s vocal cords – something that would permanently end Jonathan’s singing career! They claimed it was the only thing that could save him. Jonathan agreed to the surgery because the doctors gave him no choice.

They made Jonathan believe that his life depended on this disfiguring surgery. And they were in a big hurry to rush him onto the operating table. 

But one day before the scheduled surgery, Jonathan got a call from a secret admirer – someone he didn’t even know. A former California state senator who enjoyed listening to his music called him out of the blue. The senator, who had read about his upcoming surgery, told him about the cancer secret south of the border. (He knew this secret because his daughter had gotten rid of her cancer in a Mexican hospital.)

Jonathan was so desperate to save his voice that he was willing to try just about anything.

So Jonathan cancelled his surgery and put himself under the care of another one of Mexico’s superstar cancer doctors – a doctor I call the Tumor Terminator.

Jonathan arrived at the Mexican hospital in bad shape. He had a large tumor on his neck and could barely whisper. The doctor immediately started preparing a “designer vaccine” from Jonathan’s own cells to rev up his immune system and kick it into high gear. Jonathan’s reawakened immune system together with other natural therapies terminated the tumor. Cleansing and detoxification therapies then washed the dead cancer cells out of his body.

There was no need for any throat surgery – none whatsoever! Eight days after arriving in Mexico, Jonathan had his voice back.

Jonathan is singing again

 Today, the tumor is gone, Jonathan is cancer free, and he’s singing again. His wife says, “I wouldn’t have him if he hadn’t gone to Mexico. He wouldn’t be here.”

When I interviewed Jonathan’s doctor, he laughed when I called him Mexico’s “Tumor Terminator.” He certainly focuses like a laser beam on terminating tumors. And his patients love him because of his comforting bedside manner.

In my new Special Report Adios, Cancer! you’ll read a chapter with a full description of this remarkable doctor’s hospital and therapies. And you’ll get the name of the doctor and the details about his hospital including the address, phone number, e-mail address, and website.

Is this doctor some kind of quack with a mail order degree? No way! He’s a fully licensed medical doctor with a state-of-the-art sterile laboratory in his hospital, where he creates the cancer-killing “designer” vaccines.

Let me mention that his hospital has an ozone-purified kidney-shaped swimming pool surrounded by palm trees, and flowers. As you may know, ozone purification is expensive. It’s far superior to chlorine purification, which can damage your skin and your hair.

Simply click below and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with details about 19 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden and hard-to-find non-toxic cancer treatments like DMSO, hyperthermia, and oxygen therapy, and the plant extract that’s found in more than 1,200 foods.

Could Mexico’s superstar cancer doctors have saved
Roger Ebert’s voice?

 Film critic Roger Ebert also had oral/throat cancer. But he didn’t know about the superstar cancer doctors south of the border. And so Ebert underwent drastic, disfiguring surgeries on his throat and on his face.

Tragically, the surgeons took away his voice and also removed his lower jaw.

With heroic courage, Ebert has made several public appearances after his surgeries, including an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

But Ebert hasn’t spoken a word since he underwent surgery on July 1, 2006. Nor can he eat or drink. He gets his nutrition and hydration through a tube.

Incredible as it sounds, the American doctors never even told him before surgery that he might never speak, eat, or drink again. If they had, Ebert might have looked for alternative treatment as so many other Americans are doing.

Fortunately, there’s a much better way to treat cancer than this kind of drastic, disfiguring surgery. The Mexican cancer doctors prefer detoxification, nutrition, and natural cancer-killing therapies such as laetrile, DMSO, and hyperthermia.

“But isn’t it unsafe to go to Mexico?”

Americans often ask whether it’s safe to go to Mexico.

Well, having visited the Mexican cancer clinics over 100 times, let me assure you that the cancer clinics and resort hospitals are located in safe, beautiful neighborhoods, far from the violence you’ve heard about.

Let me put it this way. If you heard about an outbreak of drug-related street violence in Miami, would that be any reason to avoid visiting Portland, Oregon? Of course not.

By the same token, violence in one part of Mexico is no reason not to go to a clinic located in a safe part of Mexico. All of the clinics I recommend are in safe areas. Patients who go to these clinics don’t have to worry about violence, period.

Get rid of your cancer for 5 cents on the dollar?
You’ve got to be kidding!

 Some Americans go to Mexico’s safe, secure cancer clinics because of the cost. Believe it or not, the cost is about five cents on the dollar compared to the six-figure cost of American cancer treatments.

That’s right! Let me explain why.

You see, it can easily cost $600,000 to $850,000 or more to die of cancer in America. But you can get rid of cancer in Mexico’s safe, secure hospitals and clinics for $15,000 to $35,000.

And as an extra benefit, health insurance usually reimburses most of the cost.

Let me describe why so many celebrities and ordinary Americans prefer Mexico’s top doctors for cancer treatment.

If you had cancer…

  • Imagine getting rid of it in four to six weeks in a safe, secure hospital that seems more like a five-star spa resort.
  • Imagine having a spacious and immaculately clean private room with your own private balcony giving you a spectacular view of the ocean.
  • Imagine a team of first-class doctors who focus like a laser beam on your case every day, and imagine further that they never rush you but instead give you as much time as you need.
  • Imagine being pain-free and prescription-drug-free while you heal under the care of your team of doctors.
  • Imagine being pampered – being waited on hand and foot – with a soothing, therapeutic massage every day and other therapeutic spa services such as mineral wraps and a daily session in a far-infrared sauna.
  • Imagine soaking in the mineralized healing waters of a pool by the ocean.
  • Imagine being entertained in the dining room by a professional Mariachi band or possibly even by pop music star Gloria Gaynor singing her signature song “I Will Survive!” in person.
  • Imagine leaving this spa-like hospital cancer-free and armed with a solid plan to keep the cancer from ever sneaking back into your life.
  • Imagine that this fit-for-royalty cancer treatment costs only about $1,000 a day – nowhere near the $10,000-a-day price tag of cancer treatment in an American hospital, not counting the exorbitant cost of cancer drugs. 
  • Finally, imagine that your insurance company will probably pay for most of the cost!

If you think that’s too good to be true, think again, and imagine no more.

You see, this paradise by the ocean really does exist. Celebrities and ordinary people from all over the world go there for treatment. And the pop singer Gloria Gaynor actually did sing “I Will Survive!” in person in the dining room for the cancer patients and their companions.

Incredibly, this hospital’s mineralized, healing spa pools contain ocean water that’s purified through a million-dollar filtration system and circulated back into the ocean. Soaking in ocean water has long been known to have health benefits.

You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to get this kind of cancer treatment for the price of a minivan. Frankly, American cancer treatment prices are a rip-off. And Mexican prices are affordable and reasonable.

Besides that, the Mexican peso is weak.  Your dollar stretches much farther south of the border. It’s that simple.

Getting to the hospital or clinic of your choice is simple. A driver meets you at the nearby airport and chauffeurs you to the hospital.

My new Special Report Adios, Cancer! fully describes this amazing, affordable, spa-like cancer hospital and gives you the contact information including address, phone number, e-mail, and website.

Here’s another story worth telling.

Ballroom dancer suddenly turns yellow, stops dancing!

During my tour of one clinic I met a patient who was eager to share his remarkable story. “Paul” (not his real name) was a ballroom dancer from Florida who had every reason to believe he was in good health. But suddenly his skin turned yellow – an obvious sign of liver trouble – and doctors found an abdominal tumor.

A Miami surgeon told him that his tumor was inoperable because it was entangled with arteries. He recommended chemo instead. But Paul didn’t want chemo. He didn’t want to lose his hair or feel miserable. So he investigated his options and found a pleasant clinic in a delightful Mexican neighborhood. The clinic’s casual atmosphere made him feel at ease.

He saw patients relaxing on recliners, getting therapy, and then going back to their hotel. He liked that idea. He stayed at the clinic for six weeks. Every week, tests showed that he was getting better and better. The laetrile and oxygen therapies and the other treatments were working.

Florida doctor says, “Listen to that Mexican doctor!”

 After his treatment at the Mexican clinic, Paul went back to Florida with a good supply of supplements, including vitamin C, selenium, and zinc. His Florida doctor gave him a CAT scan and could find nothing wrong with him. He asked the doctor, “What should I do?” The Florida doctor replied, “My friend, just listen to that Mexican guy. Don’t ask me anything. Obviously, he’s doing something right because we don’t see any cancer in you.”

Now Paul is able to do what he loves so much: ballroom dancing. One of Mexico’s superstar doctors gave him his life back.

This doctor told me, “My four children think I’m a good doctor. That’s the most important thing to me. They think I’m the best doctor in the world, and I have to try to live up to that for them. My patients are happy. I don’t care what other physicians think of me. If my patients are happy, and if my family is proud of me, and if I know I’m doing the right thing, whatever others think about me, I don’t care. That’s the way I see it.”

You’ll get the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and website of this superstar doctor in my new Special Report Adios, Cancer!

Simply click here and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with details about 19 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden and hard-to-find non-toxic cancer treatments like laetrile, hyperthermia, and oxygen therapy.

Mexican superstar cancer doctors’ cure rate leaves
American cancer doctors in the dust

American cancer doctors have a two percent success rate for stage four cancers. (Stage four is the last stage before death.) In other words, only two of these cancer patients out of 100 will survive American cancer treatments.

In contrast to American cancer doctors’ abysmal two percent success rate, the doctor who cured country singer Jonathan’s throat cancer boasts a success rate of 50 to 90 percent, depending on the type of cancer. And his treatments don’t ruin his patients’ quality of life.

Actor Patrick Swayze chose American cancer treatments. As you can see from the “before” and “after” photos, the high doses of chemotherapy ruined his health:

By contrast, actress and author Suzanne Somers shocked her doctors in 2001 when she refused chemo for her breast cancer. They were aghast that she wouldn’t take their advice. Instead, she chose natural treatments. And because she refused to sacrifice her beauty to chemotherapy, she looks fabulous today – much younger than her actual age. And she remains cancer free.

“But American medicine is the best in the world, isn’t it?”

Let’s face it. America is probably the best country in the world if you need emergency room medical treatment. There’s no place I’d rather be if I were injured in a car accident, period.

But America is perhaps the worst country in the world if you need cancer treatment. That’s because America’s cancer doctors use only three tools: surgery, radiation, and chemo (“cut, burn, poison”).

What about finding the underlying cause of the cancer? American doctors just aren’t interested.

What about hyperthermia and oxygen therapies? These non-toxic therapies don’t fit the American doctors’ “cut-burn-poison” model of cancer treatment.

What about detoxification, nutrition, and immune-boosting therapies? American doctors know practically nothing about them.

Furthermore, an American doctor who deviates from the approved “cut-burn-poison” model of cancer treatment can be hauled before the medical board or arraigned on criminal charges. Mexico has more health freedom than America.

The right way to use chemo is not the American way

In most cases chemo is a waste of money and hastens the patient’s death. Fortunately, there’s a way to tell whether chemo will work or not.

You see, some of Mexico’s top cancer doctors send a sample of their patients’ blood to a lab in Greece for analysis. The Greek lab determines what kind of therapy will be effective against the cancer. If the results show that a certain kind of chemo will kill the cancer, the Mexican cancer doctor will recommend a low dose of that particular chemo drug – about a tenth of what American doctors use.

Why? Because one-tenth of the American dose is all that’s needed once the doctor has identified the right kind of chemo to use.

This low dose of chemo is enough to kill the cancer cells without causing hair loss, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, or other side effects.

Why do American doctors use so much more? Because they use the doses recommended by the drug companies. If American doctors used one-tenth the recommended dose, the drug company’s profits from chemo would drop by 90 percent!

Make no mistake. It’s all about money. Cancer treatment in America is a racket!

But most of the time you don’t need ANY kind of chemo. For example, there’s no kind of chemo that works against the cancer that actor Steve McQueen had: mesothelioma, cancer of the lining of the lung.

Steve McQueen’s superstar cancer doctor
breaks 30 years of silence

You may recall that Steve McQueen, the Hollywood icon known as the “King of Cool,” died of complications from an elective surgery in 1980, not from his cancer. Here’s what happened to McQueen.

American doctors quickly gave up on Steve McQueen after they diagnosed him with mesothelioma lung cancer in 1979. Their conventional treatment offered him nothing but a death sentence. Indeed, mesothelioma is one of the deadliest cancers in the world.

But McQueen didn’t give up hope and found a team of superstar doctors in Mexico who offered him an alternative treatment plan.

When McQueen arrived at the Mexican cancer clinic in July of 1980, he was in terrible shape. His cancer had spread to his abdominal cavity. His tumors weighed about five pounds and were growing.

The Mexican doctors put McQueen on an anti-cancer diet of fresh organic food, mostly vegetables. They gave him enzyme therapy, laetrile, live cell therapy, immune boosters, and nutritional supplements. McQueen also underwent a rigorous program of detoxification.

It took only days for the treatments to “kick in”. McQueen’s tumors stopped growing and began to die. As his tumors disintegrated, the detoxification procedures helped his body get rid of the dead cancer cells.

Today, only one doctor from Steve McQueen’s superstar medical team is still alive. He was just starting his medical career three decades ago when he first saw McQueen. Now he’s in the prime of his career, and he’s still helping celebrities and ordinary people from all over the world get rid of their cancer at his hospital in a beautiful Mexican neighborhood.

Actually, his hospital has the atmosphere of a Bed & Breakfast. The entrance is like a sidewalk café. On a typical day, you might see an Amish farmer from Wisconsin with his wife enjoying the fresh air and Mexican sunshine in front of the clinic. Cancer patients flock there from all walks of life and from all over the world.

A lot of Amish people go to Mexico for treatment because of word-of-mouth advertising within the Amish community. Movie stars and other celebrities go there for the same reason.

When I interviewed McQueen’s doctor recently at his hospital, he told me that McQueen could have enjoyed a long life and might still be alive today if he hadn’t gone under the knife for an unnecessary surgery. McQueen’s cancer treatment team strongly advised him against this surgery. But McQueen was bent on having the surgery for cosmetic reasons.

McQueen died on the day of his elective surgery. The primary cause of his death was a low potassium level. His death was a tragic and unnecessary loss for the world.

“America turned its back on Steve McQueen,”
says McQueen’s widow

Following McQueen’s death, his widow publicly thanked Mexico’s doctors for everything they had done to help Steve. She was full of gratitude toward his Mexican cancer doctors.

But she remains bitter about the medical arrogance and lack of health freedom in America. In her recently published memoirs, she wrote, “America turned its back on Steve McQueen. He had been to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, and conventional medicine had written him off.”

McQueen’s story is typical. American doctors routinely write off their cancer patients. They tell their patients, “Nothing more can be done” or “You have three months to live” or “Your cancer is incurable. Put your affairs in order.”

Although cancer patients sometimes accept that as a self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s pure bunk! No doctor can peer into a crystal ball and predict the future! Time and time again these American doctors’ death predictions have been proven wrong when their patients go to Mexican clinics and hospitals.

American doctors routinely turn their backs on cancer patients. But Mexico’s top doctors offer a helping hand, an encouraging smile, and a ray of hope.

You’ll get the name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and website of Steve McQueen’s doctor in my new Special Report Adios, Cancer!

Simply click below and I’ll rush you this vital information, along with details about 19 other reputable clinics that offer forbidden and hard-to-find non-toxic cancer treatments like laetrile, hyperthermia, and oxygen therapy.

American doctors gave the Pittsburgh toddler
“six months to live”

Back in 1983, Jeremy Snyder, a Pittsburgh toddler, became desperately ill with cancer. The doctors gave his parents the heartbreaking news: Jeremy had a brain stem tumor that was inoperable because of the high risk of bleeding. They said little Jeremy was “terminal” and gave him no more than six months to live.

If Jeremy’s parents had listened to the American doctors, Jeremy would be dead right now. But somehow his parents had heard about other treatment options in Mexico – treatments that are forbidden in America. So they brought little Jeremy to a young Mexican doctor. The doctor told them there was hope.

Then he defeated Jeremy’s cancer using three kinder, gentler treatments – without any surgery, chemo, or radiation.

You may have heard of some of these treatments. One is DMSO administered through an IV drip. I reveal the other two in my new Special Report Adios, Cancer!

Even though you can buy DMSO in America, there’s little chance a U.S. doctor will give it to you through an IV drip. But you won’t get the huge therapeutic benefit from DMSO unless you receive it by IV.

Today Jeremy is alive and well. He’s graduated from college, and he’s married.

The remarkable M.D. who beat Jeremy’s cancer is still working miracles at his modest clinic in a charming neighborhood. He’s become a good friend of mine. I call him the Marcus Welby, M.D., of Mexico. Why? Because his patients love him, and he loves his patients. Incredible as it sounds, in 30 years of practicing medicine he’s never had one complaint from a patient.

The international medical community also admires this doctor. He has spoken at medical conferences all over the world.

You can find this amazing doctor’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Website in my Special Report Adios, Cancer! I’ll be glad to send this publication to you instantly as a digital download, or you can receive a print copy by mail if you prefer. And you’re completely protected by my unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee.

Now, at this point you may be thinking…

“If there really is a cancer breakthrough in Mexico,
why haven’t I heard about it?”

What I’m telling you about the cancer breakthroughs in Mexico is big news! And you may be wondering why you haven’t heard about it on the evening news broadcast if it really is true.

The reason is money. American cancer researchers get rich while spinning their wheels and coming up with nothing, and the drug companies get rich for pushing their grossly overpriced chemo drugs.

Are America’s cancer researchers and drug company executives more interested in making money than in saving the lives of cancer patients? Are they willing to suppress inexpensive but effective cancer treatments so they can sell their overpriced, futile treatments like high-dose chemo?

Frankly, yes.

Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe it until I tell you the story of the cover-up at one of America’s most famous cancer hospitals: Sloan-Kettering in New York.

America’s leading cancer hospital fires
employee for telling the truth about a
breakthrough cancer treatment!

Sloan-Kettering hired a brilliant, articulate Ph.D. from Stanford University, Ralph Moss, as a writer. Within three years, Moss was promoted to be the hospital’s Assistant Director of Public Affairs. This was a dream job for this young man with a wife and two children to support.

Naturally, he believed that his employer was sincerely interested in helping cancer patients. With wide-eyed idealism, he was eager to promote his employer’s mission to help the sick.

To gather information for a newsletter article, Moss interviewed one of the hospital’s top researchers who was doing a study on a plant extract that occurs naturally in more than 1,200 foods. This researcher was consistently getting good results with it.  It caused the tumors of mice to shrink.

Bursting with excitement over this study, Moss laid out his plans for the article with his superiors. Then he got the shock of his life. They told him to drop it immediately.

Blowing the whistle about the conspiracy
to suppress the cancer breakthrough

And then his bosses went a step further. They told him to lie. They instructed him to write a press release emphasizing that the plant extract is worthless for cancer treatment, according to Sloan-Kettering’s research.

But Moss had seen this research with his own eyes. He knew the researcher was reputable and the research was flawless.

To his horror, Moss discovered that the board members of Sloan-Kettering are in bed with the companies that make chemo drugs. No wonder they didn’t want the public to know that this plant extract, found in 1,200 foods and available in your supermarket, is one of the best natural cancer cures.

Moss says, “A lot of people were going across the border to Mexican clinics to get the stuff, and my secretary’s phone was ringing off the hook with people wanting to know what Sloan-Kettering thought of its value.” He decided he couldn’t lie.

So Moss stood up at a press conference and blew the whistle on Sloan-Kettering’s conspiracy to suppress the truth about the plant extract. And he was fired so fast it made his head spin.

Is America’s cancer treatment industry more interested in getting your money than in curing your cancer? Draw your own conclusions

Think of how much money is at stake. You can get rid of your cancer in Mexico in three to six weeks for $15,000 to $35,000. Or you can spend $600,000 to $800,000 or more to die of cancer in America.

If you think I’m exaggerating, think again.

The American who ran up a $618,000 cancer treatment bill,
only to die in pain!

 CNN recently did a news story about a man who ran up a $618,000 cancer bill only to die after seven years of agonizing, overpriced, useless treatments. In the year 2000, doctors diagnosed him with kidney cancer. He made up his mind to beat it.

The cost of surgery to remove his kidney was $25,000, and that was just the beginning.

Two years later the cancer had spread, so he took a drug called Interleuken 2 for $735 a dose.

In 2005 he had another setback: cancer was growing in his lungs. So he started an IV drug called Avastin. The cost: $27,360 for one dose! (For the same money you can get rid of just about any cancer in three or four weeks in a first-class Mexican cancer hospital.)

He had 60 chest scans at $3,200 each. Total cost of the scans: $192,000!

The last drug he took was a chemo drug called Sutent at $200 a pill. He took it once a day for a month. Total cost: $6,000 for the month.

Did his overpriced drugs work? Apparently not. In December of 2007 he was rushed to the hospital again, and the cancer had spread to his brain. The cancer doctors “worked on him” for four days, and then he died.

The cost of those last four days of treatment was $43,000 – more than $10,000 per day. His wife said, “The only thing I can say for certain that we spent that money on was to confirm that he was dying.”

It bears repeating that his total cost to die in pain was $618,000!

The cost of medical care in Mexico is an astounding bargain compared to the outrageous medical bills in American hospitals. But the savings in medical costs isn’t the main reason Americans go to Mexico for treatment. They go there for results!

That’s why the late actor Eddie Albert took his wife to Mexico. He was so pleased with the treatment she received that he appeared in an educational video promoting forbidden cancer treatments.

Because of word-of-mouth advertising about these forbidden cancer treatments, other Hollywood stars have gone to Mexico for cancer treatment. Perhaps you saw actress Rebecca De Mornay with Tom Cruise in Risky Business.She was also in Wedding Crashers and The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. She took her mother to Mexico when she got cancer.

Celebrities who go to Mexican clinics for rejuvenation

Motivational speaker Mark Victor Hansen, the author of the best-selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, is a HUGE fan of one of Mexico’s resort cancer clinics. He’s never had cancer as far as I know. But he goes there for health tune-ups, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

So does his colleague, motivational speaker Dennis Waitley. So does Christiane Northrup, M.D., the best-selling author of books about women’s health.

These celebrities don’t mind being named. But I’m unable to tell you the names of most of the celebrities who go to Mexican clinics for treatment because of medical confidentiality.

The Mexican clinics also attract American patients who are just plain frustrated with their health. 

“What’s wrong with me?"

You see, a surprising number of Americans have chronic pain.  They don’t feel right, and their symptoms are worrisome or alarming. They want an answer to the question: “What’s wrong with me?” But they can’t get a straight answer from their doctor.

Instead, their doctor writes a prescription for an overpriced drug and quickly moves on to the next patient.

But at Mexican hospitals and clinics, the doctors take the time to get to the bottom of the patient’s health problem – whether it’s cancer or some undiagnosed disease. Americans who don’t feel well can find out what’s wrong at the Mexican clinics and hospitals I recommend. The tests are non-invasive, and when the root problem is finally exposed, a treatment plan can begin.

The Mexican hospitals and clinics achieve breakthrough results not only for cancer but also for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other degenerative diseases.

And paying for medical treatments in Mexico has never been easier.

American health insurance is now accepted in Mexico!

A spectacular new 19-story state-of-the-art hospital in Mexico is now able to process American health insurance coverage before your treatment begins. That way you’ll know how much is covered and how much isn’t. Usually about 75 to 80 percent of the costs are covered.

And this hospital meets or exceeds the same high standards of the other clinics I’ve mentioned. Actually, this new hospital aims to be the best cancer hospital in the world. A billionaire has put his money behind it, and he has hired some of Mexico’s finest and most experienced cancer doctors. I recommend this new hospital with no hesitation whatsoever because I know the doctors are reputable.

I fully describe this new hospital in my new Special Report Adios, Cancer! Here are a few of the things you’ll read about:

  • The rooftop terrace with a lap pool, Jacuzzi whirlpools, open air dining, and an incredible panoramic view of the city and the surrounding mountains

  • The luxurious private rooms, cleaned to perfection, with picture windows offering your own spectacular vista

  • The off-site organic vegetable garden, which provides the hospital’s seasoned chefs with the freshest, most nutritious food obtainable

  • Attentive service and pampering that astonish the patients who stay there

  • Camaraderie between the patients that make the hospital seem more like a spa hotel vacation than a hospitalization

It’s a remarkable breakthrough that this hospital can accept your insurance up front. And, as I describe in my new Special Report, this hospital is successfully treating cancer.

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When extracted from the plant in its pure form and injected directly into the blood by IV, “Nature’s Cancer Miracle” has proven to be a powerful lifesaver.  It’s one of the main treatments that wealthy Americans go to Mexico to get.

Tragically, it’s forbidden in America.  As a common substance found in hundreds of foods, it can’t be patented by the drug companies and sold to you at hundreds of times what it costs to make.  So they’ve conspired to suppress it and keep it from you.

Not only is the plant extract non-toxic and safe, but it’s actually healthy for you. Researchers have found that some of the longest-lived people on earth eat a diet rich in this natural substance.

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As I mentioned earlier, DMSO was a key therapy that cured two-year-old Jeremy Snyder from Pittsburgh.  His parents were told he was going to die.  Instead he grew up, went to college, got married, and  he’s still alive today – thanks in part to DMSO.

This treatment is so remarkable even “60 Minutes” – the investigative news hour – broadcast a positive story about it.  According to one source, more research articles have been published about this treatment than about aspirin and penicillin! Thousands of people have been treated without suffering any harm, and your vet will even give it to your dog or cat for pain!  Yet the FDA says “there’s not enough evidence” and shamelessly keeps it from us.

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Remember, you can’t get the most effective cancer treatments here in the United States. Thanks to the conspiracy between the FDA, the greedy drug companies, and the politicians in Congress, the world’s most powerful treatments are illegal and forbidden. But you can get them in Mexico.

Best of all, these amazing treatments have no side effects. And they cost only a fraction of what you’d spend on cancer treatment in America – about five cents on the dollar. And often the cost will be covered by insurance.

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With kindest regards,

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Frank Cousineau


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